Payment Methods

  • Means of payment available at


    After selecting the means of delivery, we will present the data so that you can make the payment through Multibanco or Homebanking (option “Payment of Purchases / Services”). For your convenience, these payment details will also be sent to your email.


    The most widely accepted online payment method worldwide. Allows you to manage payments from your personal computer or through your smartphone. Through a login this form of payment is very simple and safe. This way you will never need to enter your credit card details on multiple websites.
    Discover how to open a Paypal account in just 2 minutes:

  • MB WAY

    MB WAY is the MULTIBANCO solution that allows you to shop online and pay through your smartphone, tablet or PC with no additional cost. This payment method is only available to Portuguese bank customers with the MB WAY app installed. (Payment service provided by IfthenPay.) See how to join at